Our Infant Program is committed to making this first transition away from home natural and easy for both you and your child. In our calm and secure environment our teachers will spend ample amounts of time rocking, cuddling, talking, singing and engaging with your little one. Through thoughtful efforts they will turn ordinary caregiving routines into teachable moments, based on individual needs and developmental level, following a curriculum designed for even our youngest learners.

McDowell School promotes early learning opportunities such as Baby Sign Language®, the original sign language program for babies, which allows children to express themselves and communicate through actions prior to their developing verbal language skills.


Our Toddler Program is specifically tailored to the needs of your busy toddler. We lovingly nurture your child through important early milestones, from “self-help” learning skills such as hand washing and putting away their toys, to socializing and forming first friendships. We continue to teach and use Baby Sign Language® as a form of communication through actions while our toddlers further develop their verbal language skills.

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Our Preschool Program takes into consideration that attending McDowell School is the first preschool setting for many of our children. We have developed a happy, safe environment that makes learning fun and builds confidence, instilling a love of learning in each child.

Our specialized early-learning curriculum uses rhymes, stories and hands-on activities to encourage those first steps toward building the foundation skills for Reading, Writing, Math, and Science.

Social awareness is an important stage of development for children at this age. We encourage our preschoolers to respect and be kind and considerate of others, to listen and to follow instructions.

PreSchool in Laguna Niguel

The McDowell Preschool Program is a quality experience of child-initiated activities as well as teacher-guided learning in a nurturing environment.


Whether your 3 year old has transitioned to our Preschool 4’s Program or is a new student, the McDowell School Preschool 4’s is designed for those children that are truly ready to be challenged for Kindergarten preparedness.

Our preschool students practice the skills needed for kindergarten success, like following directions, studying independently, developing motor skills, reading, writing, math and problem solving. Our curriculum covers all areas of learning, including music, art and science.