Elementary School

Elementary Grades

The expectations for excellence in elementary education have dramatically changed in the last 10 years. Today’s world requires that our children grow up to be critical thinkers and problem solvers. Students must become not only academically proficient, but also capable of adapting their classroom learning to real-life situations.

Here at McDowell School, we have skillfully bridged the real world with the classroom through a challenging and accelerated curriculum in the ideal classroom environment of around 15 students – which allows our programs to be tailored to the unique needs of every student.

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The program of instruction includes mastery of fundamental academic skills and a challenging, innovative and accelerated curriculum in:

  • Math – emphasis on concrete concepts, quantitative reasoning and problem-solving
  • Language Arts – instruction in comprehension skills, writing skills, spelling and grammar and includes grade appropriate research papers and oral presentations
  • Handwriting -we view handwriting as an important skill, with critical developmental and physical benefits.
  • Accelerated Reader – development for independent reading
  • Science – concentration on concept formation, observational accuracy and recording scientific data, with weekly specialist taught Science Labs for all grades.
  • Social Studies – utilization of community resources, respect for ways to meet our country’s challenges and preparation to be responsible citizens

Critical Thinking skills are integrated into every lesson in all grades. Technology is also an integral part of our program with formal instruction in our computer lab, laptops and SMART Board™ Interactive classrooms.

From grade four students bring their own devices.

McDowell also focuses on promoting student responsibility, independent thinking, creativity and respect for one another. Our commitment is to offer a rigorous academic program that will provide the best opportunity to all students to meet their full potential. We, at McDowell School, are committed to quality education – we invite you to visit McDowell School to experience our intimate community of students, teachers and families.