Student Government

McDowell School’s Student Government Program encourages students to take on leadership roles and promotes student involvement. The Student Government is involved in everything from planning activities to holding fundraisers.With adult and staff supervision, the student government develop ideas, votes and implements their idea.

McDowell School’s Student Government is an excellent opportunity for students to become strong role models, mentors and leaders. This leadership role serves as a stepping stone for our students as they begin to plan their futures.

Our student government board consists of:

  • President: Likes to work with people, team player, good oral speaking skills, and good organizational skills, is responsible, leads the meetings and takes initiative.
  • Vice President: Likes to work with people, artistic and creative, responsible and well organized and leads the meetings when the president is absent.
  • Secretary: Likes writing, has good organizational skills, records minutes of the meeting and collaborates with president on announcements.
  • Treasurer: Strong math skills, is organized, gives bi-monthly reports on bank account activities and keeps financial records.