Academic Communication

Assessments are a key component of home / school communication, McDowell utilizes a variety of assessments to ensure parents get an accurate and holistic picture of their child’s development. Other than regular classroom assessments we offer three formal structures.

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    Personal Development Record

    Unique to McDowell is the Personal Development Record. This is completed by the parents, teachers (and older students) at the first conference of the school year (Oct/Nov). It highlights three developmental areas that are positive and notable, and identifies one area of growth. This folder follows the children from the infant class through graduation and is an excellent record of the non-academic growth as well as a wonderful prompt for deeper child centric discussion.

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    Formal Report Cards

    Formal report cards are issued in grades Kindergarten through grade 6 on a trimester basis. Kindergarten’s report card focusses on the academic milestones; grades 1 and 2 are similarly developmental, with subject foci. From grade 3 we issue letter grades A - F and in grades 5 and 6 (and the third trimester of grade 4) we calculate an academic subject GPA for honor roll recognition.

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    External Assessments

    For external assessment we utilize the NNAT 3 test for giftedness in grade 5, and grades 2 - 6 take the ERB CTP (Educational Records Bureau, Comprehensive Testing Program) in May. This is the premier standardized testing instrument used by most high quality Private Schools in the USA.