Preschool Summer Camp

McDowell Preschool Summer Camp

Welcome to Camp McDowell!

Camp Starts Monday, June 15th through Friday, August 21st

The first stop on our summer camp exploration around the world is Africa. While on safari in Kenya, we’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled for animal footprints.

Speaking of animals, have you ever seen an Asian elephant? On our next stop in Asia, we will be exploring the countries of India and China where we will learn how to create our own Chinese paper lanterns and experience using chop sticks.

Heading westward on our amazing journey, we will stop off in Greece to participate in the Mini-Olympics, laurel crowns in tow!

After we grab some deliziosi pizza in Italy, we will head north into Europe. We will be painting castles in Germany before heading to England. Here we will enjoy afternoon tea and crumpets in hopes of seeing the Queen!

At this point in our adventure, we jump back over the pond and into South America. In Brazil, we will be catching up with the locals and learning about their culture through a fun and rigorous game of soccer.

Next, we spend a week in Mexico, making maracas and dancing the Mexican Hat Dance.

As our summer camp around the world comes to an end, we will venture to the islands of the Caribbean. In Jamaica, we jump in on a game of coconut bowling and play with our friends in the sand and the water!

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