Top 5 Summer Camp Programs in Laguna Niguel, CA

School’s out for summer! Summer is a time for children to let loose and explore. With this in mind, it is important to provide a safe environment to have a little fun. Summer camps are the perfect space to do this under the guidance of camp counselors, mentors, and teachers.


You won’t have to look far for summer camp programs in Laguna Niguel because we compiled a list of our favorite summer camp programs.

McDowell School

McDowell School tops our list of the best summer camp programs in Laguna Niguel. The private school promotes student responsibility, independent thinking, and creativity during the school year; likewise, these overarching values are continued into its summer camp program.


During World Odyssey Summer Adventure 2019, children will learn about various countries and participate in fun activities like mock chariot races, Lego Quest Challenges, fortune cooking making and more. McDowell offers a safe, fun and educational experience for your children while school is out this summer.


“We couldn’t be happier with our experience with McDowell. The teachers are great, caring and highly motivated. They want your child to succeed. You get constant feedback from the teachers and administration regarding how your child is doing and areas of concern or improvement.


The school administration is amazing in all aspects. Very respectful and caring. The location of the school is great. We, as parents, strongly recommend it to anyone.” -Great School Parent Reviewer

Page Academy

Page Academy’s mission is to promote a positive learning environment and a personalized approach that sets the stage for extraordinary learning experiences. This mission is carried over into its summer camp where children are encouraged to become independent lifelong learners in a fun learning environment.


As an illustration, campers enjoy a multitude of hands-on projects, daily technology, and computer science activities, field trips, and heated swimming pools.


“Our family has three children at Page Private School in Costa Mesa. Our children absolutely love it! We feel that Page has done an outstanding job of getting out children engaged in their own education.


We can see a strong foundation being instilled in them. It shows in their writing skills and vocabulary. Not only are they doing so well, but they are also hungry for knowledge and are excited about learning just as much as the teachers are passionate about teaching.” -Great Schools Parent Reviewer

Heritage Oak Private Education

Camp Heritage Oak is an immersive and fun camp experience! Not to mention, Heritage Oaks is known for teaching positive character traits in the community. Even more, this quality continues after the school year ends during its summer camp.


At camp, campers will create and distribute kindness rocks to the community, write letters to veterans, participate in obstacle courses, attend Friday field trips, and more! In addition, Heritage Oaks provides specialty camps with a focus on academics to boost campers skills.

“We love HOPE! The staff is caring and always helpful. My son looks forward to attending school every day. They have tons of specialty classes and do an excellent job of teaching manners. Would highly recommend taking a tour of this exceptional school!” – Great Schools Parent Reviewer

Sage Hill School

Camp Sage at Sage Hills School will invigorate your child with excitement! In fact, similar to the regular school year, Camp Sage offers several academic, arts, athletics activities to occupy and fulfill your child’s learning needs.


To clarify, activities include JavaScript instruction, entrepreneurship workshops, dance classes, yoga practice, public speaking courses and more!


“As a parent, I could not be happier with how I have seen my son mature and develop at Sage Hill in every aspect of his life. No school is perfect, and Sage Hill has its issues like any other, but they do seem to try to help you deal with problems that arise. Overall, I am extremely satisfied that we chose Sage Hill.” -Great School Parent Reviewer

The Prentice School

The Prentice School summer program is one-of-a-kind! In fact, the school offers a 20-day summer academic enrichment program that continues into its summer program using the Slingerland Approach, a multi-sensory instructional methodology. To emphasize, the program is composed of a series of comprehensive educational workshops, and multi-sensory activities to continue the learning into the summer session.

“Prentice teaches in a way that my child understands. The teachers and staff are caring and compassionate. Everyone is there for the good of the kids. It’s the first time in a long time that my child looks forward to going to school and comes home smiling. My family is so fortunate to have found Prentice. We couldn’t be happier.” -Great Schools Parent Reviewer