Top 5 Private Schools in Laguna Niguel, CA

Selecting a school for your child entails thorough planning and research. A great private school can be identified based on your family’s wants and needs, but there are some elements that are fundamental in providing a high-quality education. Some of these elements include a low teacher to student ratio, individual attention, specialty classes, and advanced academic opportunities. The following is a list of the top private schools in Laguna Niguel to facilitate your search.


McDowell School

McDowell School kicks off the list of the top private schools in Laguna Niguel. McDowell helps children become independent yet collaborative problem solvers. This school offers advanced academic opportunities in a safe and nurturing environment. By offering small class sizes, children experience individual attention and a tailored education based on their unique needs. Through this ideal classroom setting in addition to a rigorous curriculum, children develop their creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

McDowell students have a large variety of unique programs to choose from based on their interests and talents. These programs include Art, Technology, Lego-engineering, Chess, Yoga, Music, and Dance. A large variety of field study programs that include museum and event field trips is also available to bring learning to life.  


“We couldn’t be happier with our experience with McDowell. The teachers are great, caring and highly motivated. They want your child to succeed. You get constant feedback from the teachers and administration regarding how your child is doing and areas of concern or improvement. The school administration is amazing in all aspects. Very respectful and caring. The location of the school is great. We as parents strongly recommend it to anyone.” — Great Schools Parent Review


Marblehead Elementary School

Marblehead Elementary School prides itself in being a diverse community that promotes values, the development of positive character traits, lifelong learning, and academic excellence. A rigorous curriculum, strong academic instruction, and the use of technology in the classroom are some of the components that form the foundation to prepare the students for higher education.

Programs such as Language Infusion Time, YMCS on site, Scholastic Reading Counts and the OLWEUS bullying prevention program are available for all students.


“I have had children at this school for four years. I have LOVED every teacher we have had. The teachers at Marblehead go above and beyond not only in my children s academics but in all facets of my children s lives. This school is unique to the area as it offers a very small student body, which gives the students and parents a tight family feel. The principal, teachers, and staff sincerely care about my children.” — Great Schools Parent Review


Las Palmas Elementary School

Las Palmas Elementary School prepares children for academic success and emphasizes the importance of multi-language communication and the development of technology skills. The development of learning multiple languages is supported by their Language Immersion Program. Technology skills are developed by providing technology learning centers in every classroom and Chromebooks for upper-grade students.

Las Palmas also features a Gifted and Talented program, a Markerspace STEAM lab, a bilingual library, and an organic garden to spark curiosity, exploration, and expand knowledge.


“This school is like family! All the teachers genuinely care about the students. The principal, admin, and PTA are doing a great job at running our school!” — Great Schools Parent Review


The Pegasus School

The Pegasus School sets a strong foundation for student success by cultivating self-determination, confidence, creativity, and curiosity. Teachers motivate children to flourish their talents and instill in them the values of responsibility, kindness, teamwork, generosity, courage, integrity, and perseverance.

Pegasus believes that joyful learning plays an important role in keeping students engaged in the classroom, as well as develop a love of learning. Pegasus’ rigorous and dynamic curriculum is supported by active learning programs appropriate for each grade level.


“The Pegasus School has been the best decision we have made for our three children. The school is fully invested in nurturing bright, motivated, empathetic young people. The staff and teachers are passionate educators who find the strengths in each child through their diverse learning programs. The community is supportive and caring.”  — Great Schools Parent Review


Harbor Day School

Harbor Day School concludes the list of the top private schools in Laguna Niguel. Harbor Day offers a rich curriculum that promotes a varied learning process. The school offers special subjects such as Latin, Mandarin, Spanish, technology, woodshop, and design.

Teachers and students work together to further develop curious minds and explore new passions. Students are academically challenged in a nurturing environment where students feel comfortable taking risks to explore, inquire, and be confident and independent.


“We had an excellent experience at Harbor Day School, and after 9 years at HDS our child was completely prepared for high school. The writing standards at HDS are exceptional and the curriculum in 8th grade at HDS exceeds the curriculum in most local 9th grade classes. We had an extraordinary experience at HDS.”  — Great Schools Parent Review