Top 5 Private Preschools in Laguna Niguel, CA

Preschool provides a solid foundation for a bright academic future. Furthermore, private preschools offer several benefits such as smaller classes, individual support, tailored education, and technology as a learning tool in the classroom. The following is a list of the top private preschools in Laguna Niguel and a description of what each preschool has to offer for your child and family.


1. McDowell School

McDowell School strives to provide a superior education for children to develop into independent inquirers and lifelong learners. Students simultaneously evolve into collaborative, compassionate, and successful members of the community.

McDowell offers small classes with tailored programs to meet each student’s unique needs and to create an interactive learning environment. A variety of unique programs and specialty classes for all interests are offered, including Lego-engineering, Spanish, and a STEM lab. More than twenty-five different field studies are also offered to complement the curriculum.

McDowell prides itself in being one of the top preschools in Laguna Niguel and offering a child-centered environment where children achieve academic excellence in a warm and loving atmosphere.

“We are so happy with the quality of education at McDowell. The classes are small, and the level of hands-on individualized education is high. The Spanish, art, computer, music and athletic teachers are exceptional. Parents are very involved. Very caring, family oriented school!” — Great Schools Parent Review


2. Palisades United Methodist Preschool & Kindergarten

Palisades United Methodist believes in stimulating curiosity and self-discovery through the strengthening of cognitive skills, the building of social skills and physical development.

The Palisades United preschool program covers the areas of Language Arts, math, science, bible studies, and social and emotional development in a Christian environment. Some of the highlights of Palisades United Methodist include small class sizes, developmentally appropriate activities, before and after school care, and an organic garden area.

“Started here for the summer school program, which my son LOVES. I just fell in love with this campus and how they treat everyone.” — Holly W.


3. La Cristianita Preschool

Students at La Cristianita Preschool develop socially, physically and intellectually in a warm and family-like environment. The preschool program covers the areas of creativity development, science, music, pre-reading readiness, motor coordination, social interaction, and Bible studies.

Parents love La Cristianita’s caring and professional teachers, as well as the high level of parent involvement.

“The entire staff is incredibly caring and attentive and the director LeighAnn goes out of her way to know every single child and family that comes through the door; the level of caring and commitment is amazing.”  — Cee L.


4. Fulbright Montessori Academy

Fulbright Montessori Academy strives to provide high-quality education in a play-based and nurturing environment. This school provides a challenging curriculum supported by individual guidance to enable students to develop at their own pace.  

The Fullbright preschool curriculum covers the areas of language, writing, math, cultural studies, and sensorial exercises. A focus on practical life lessons, manners, community living, and movement control are also incorporated as part of the curriculum.

“I noticed a great improvement on my 3-year old since she started attending Primary classes at Fulbright. She developed interests in writing, tracing, coloring and drawing. She became more independent, organized and willing to help with household chores. Fulbright has exceeded my expectations and will recommend to all the parents.” — Great Schools Parent Review


5. Woodcrest Preschool Lake Forest

Woodcrest Preschool wraps up the list of the top private preschools in Laguna Niguel. Woodcrest recognizes each student’s unique talents and needs, and seeks to develop each child individually. The school offers 1:12 ratio classes to provide the necessary care and attention for each student.

Children are encouraged to learn through exploration and play to instill curiosity and independence. Teachers emphasize on reading aloud to the students several times a day, but free activities to spark the students’ imagination are also encouraged.

“My children love going to preschool every day. On the weekends they are sad because we aren’t heading there to play. I feel my children are allowed to express their individuality at Woodcrest and I love that.”  — Great Schools Parent Review