Top 5 Private Elementary Schools in Laguna Niguel, CA

Elementary school is a pivotal point in a child’s education. At this point in time, students learn foundational skills like communication and mathematical skills. In addition, they create learning habits that will follow them the rest of their educational careers. All in all, it’s important to pick a school that considers your child’s needs and sets him or her up for future success.

Here is a list of the top private elementary schools in Laguna Niguel to kickstart your research.


McDowell School

McDowell School tops our list of the top private elementary schools in Laguna Niguel. In addition to rigorous academic goals, the school promotes student responsibility, independent thinking, and creativity.


McDowell School executes ambitious academic goals by using a variety of learning techniques. In fact, technology is an integral part of its educational program. For example, lessons and courses include formal instruction in its computer lab, laptops, and SmartBoard Interactive classrooms. The McDowell School utilizes small classrooms, multi-dimensional learning, and independent study – just another reason why the school appears first on our list.


“Excellent academics where students will enjoy coming to school while at the same time getting a challenging education. The school not only values but encourages children to be a thinker/problem solver and be their unique selves. There are opportunities to work ahead due to small class sizes.” -Great Schools Parent Reviewer


Anneliese’s Schools

Anneliese Schools are devoted to creating the optimal environment that spurs imagination, curiosity, and independence. For example, the private school practices Whole Child education to create creative and empathetic problem solvers. To emphasize, Whole Child is a non-traditional education that focuses narrowly on linguistic and mathematical skills.


“Anneliese School is the most unique, enchanting school I have ever seen, my Grandson can’t wait to go to school every day. The environment is so positive and loving, he is learning languages, art, gardening, signing, not to mention reading, math, penmanship, music, most importantly he is learning how to learn through critical thinking. The environment is rich with gardens, animals, birds wonderful teachers and happy children.” -Great School Parent Reviewer


St. John’s Episcopal School

St. John’s Episcopal School created a new standard of learning for its students. In fact, the private school uses the STEAM approach to create and execute a well-rounded curriculum. Based on the STEAM approach, St. John’s integrated curricula across subject areas. In addition, STEAM enables students to collaborate on projects to create solutions to real-world problems.


“I love this school. My kids are treated with care and respect for their individual needs, abilities, and skills. The school cares about the whole child and truly strives to help each one meet their best potential.”  -Great School Parent Reviewer


LePort Montessori Irvine Spectrum

The LePort Montessori Irvine Spectrum mission is to equip your child with “Knowledge for Life.” The Montessori school fulfills this promise through a series of procedures put in place. Procedures include maintaining a low student-teacher ratio, limiting homework, and tailoring the curriculum to the student’s interest.  


“My daughter has been having a fantastic year at the new Spectrum campus of LePort. She has blossomed in confidence in her Montessori elementary class and her enthusiasm for school is consistently high. She is encouraged to pursue a topic that is of particular interest to her, which keeps her motivated and excited about learning. I am very happy to have my daughter at this school.” -Great School Parent Reviewer


The Pegasus School

At The Pegasus School, faculty guide students to learn concepts and explore their interests through independent and group projects. The academic curriculum allows students to develop independence and confidence to extend their knowledge and creativity. One way they implement these ideas is through the Nature Explore program — an outdoor classroom that allows hands-on learning!

“The Pegasus School has been the best decision we have made for our three children. The school is fully invested in nurturing bright, motivated, empathetic young people. The staff and teachers are passionate educators who find strengths in each child through their diverse learning programs.” – Great School Parent Reviewer