Top 5 Pre-K Schools in Laguna Niguel, CA

Start your child’s educational career off right with pre-kindergarten! Pre-K is a structured environment that promotes social, emotional, language and cognitive skills. In addition, preschools have the resources and knowledge to nurture a child’s curiosity and prepare them for kindergarten. Overall, pre-k is a constructive environment that allows students to explore and grow.

Set your child up for success with these top five pre-k schools in Laguna Niguel, California.

Pre-K Schools in Laguna Niguel

McDowell School

McDowell School’s Preschool Program is an experience of child-initiated activities guided by teachers in a nurturing environment. The school’s mission is to provide an exemplary education for children in their care.

McDowell School offers exceptional opportunities for students to thrive and grow inside and outside of the classroom throughout preschool and elementary school. At the forefront, McDowell School offers a comprehensive technology program that includes instruction on laptop computers, and SmartBoard classrooms. A constructive start to an inevitable educational career that will consist of technology.

Increasingly, McDowell School offers other academic opportunities that spur interest outside of the classroom. Courses include yoga, Spanish, and Music. Even more, these classes develop motor, and communication skills. Overall, McDowell School offers a comprehensive education and supportive environment.

“Excellent academics where students will enjoy coming to school while at the same time getting a challenging education. The school not only values but encourages children to be a thinker/problem solver and be their unique selves. There are opportunities to work ahead due to the small class sizes.” -Great Schools Parent Reviewer

Child’s World Preschool

Child’s World Preschool is a non-profit, faith-based program created as an outreach program to the community. The preschool aims to inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge and strengthen communities. In order to achieve this mission, Child’s World Preschool creates an all-inclusive experience for preschool students.

The experienced teaching staff leads dynamic lessons that extend from the classroom into the Child’s World outdoor learning environment. In the outdoor classroom, students learn about the world around them through hands-on activities. Activities include gardening, waterplay

“Great program! Love the teachers! Great mix of academics, music, art, motor development. Some fun and hands-on things for the kids to see are the eggs that hatch into ducklings, how caterpillars chrysalis/cocoon and turn into butterflies or moths. They get to play and learn in the gardens. And they have great outdoor equipment. My kids have had such a positive experience with this program!” -Great Schools Parent Reviewer

Turtle Rock Preschool

For more than 35 years, Turtle Rock Preschool has provided early childhood programs that balance developmental and traditional academic principles. Turtle Rock is driven by the idea that every child deserves to reach their full potential.

Turtle Rock’s premier-program is their nature-based outdoor learning classroom. The outdoor classroom and playground provide children with infinite ways to play and discover the world using natural and safe elements like flowers, gardens, trees, rocks, and water features. In addition, students can play on a wood climbing wally, sunken fort, stage, and tunnel. This outdoor oasis is the perfect environment for children to learn and play.

“What a great school! The teachers are very warm and kind to the children. The facility itself is very bright and they keep doing upgrades and improvements to make it even better. Some teachers have been there for over 20 years. The children love the school and I looked at a lot of preschools and even though the school is in demand with a waiting list it is worth the wait.” -Great Schools Parent Reviewer

Jenny Hart Early Education Center

Jenny Hart Education Center is a full-day preschool and kindergarten program. The Center believes that a balance of interactions with meaningful learning materials, and constructive relationships with children and teachers encourage the intellectual development of children.

The early education center emphasizes play-based programs that focus on building social skills and exposing children to academic concepts. Classes of sixteen students are guided by two teachers in order to ensure each child gets individualized care.

“Jenny Hart is a phenomenal school. Our daughter has grown tremendously there over the past 6 months in all areas of development, as well as academically. Most importantly, she loves her school and daily environment. The teachers are amazing- caring, loving and wonderful in every way. Incredible Director as well, instilling great values and goals within the school. By far the best preschool I’ve ever had the opportunity to check out. We are over the moon that our daughter is a part of the Jenny Hart family!” -Great Schools Parent Reviewer

Early Childhood Learning Center

Early Childhood Learning Center vision is to create a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment for all children. ECLC’s core values include inclusive environments, family involvement, reflective practice, ongoing learning, and collaboration.

The learning center hosts a plethora of activities. One of their standout activities, Learning Link, is hosted twice a week for students and their families. Learning Link is a community effort to support health, healthy children and their families. At these events, teams of professional complete onsite health screening. In addition, professionals answer questions regarding general development, parenting, and social and emotional development. With this in mind, it’s easy to see that the Early Childhood Learning Center cares for its students inside and outside of the classroom.

“A great center with staff dedicated and devoted to the children. The program is both fun and education. My son really enjoys going to preschool every day and when comes home tells me all about what he has learned.” -Great Schools Parent Reviewer

Set Your Child Up For Success

Pre-kindergarten is a monumental moment in your child’s educational career. It introduces to common themes and recurring lifelong lessons like proper social skills. Choose one of these pre-k schools in Laguna Niguel to set your child up for academic success.