Laguna Beach Activities for Kids in the Summer

School’s out for summer! The summer period is a time when children let loose and explore the world around them without the confinement of a classroom. Besides this, children need productive activities and an environment to keep them entertained.

Luckily, in Laguna Beach, you don’t have to look far to find activities for kids in the summer. Laguna Beach is home to a variety of learning and exploration opportunities that will interest any summer-ready children and parents.

Here are a few Laguna Beach activities for kids to kick off the summer months.

Attend Summer Camp

Summer camps top our list of Laguna Beach activities for kids! Summer camp is a safe and constructive environment for children to socialize with their peers. Most importantly, it allows students to continue their education from the school year. According to Brookings Institution, on average, students’ achievement scores decline over summer vacation by one month’s worth of school-year learning. In addition, declines were sharper for math than reading. Because of these reasons, it is important for students to receive supplementary summer education.

McDowell School near Laguna Beach offers a fun and safe environment for students to learn and play. For ten weeks, the summer camp program immerses students in crafts, cooking, and fun activities like wet Wednesday and bounce houses. In addition, science, geography and other subjects are implemented into everyday activities for learning fun.

Learn to Surf

Hit the beach and learn how to surf! Southern California is known for its ideal surfing conditions and overall beach culture. Because of this, there are plenty of surf schools to teach your child to surf. Surfing is an exciting activity to learn a new skill and burn off excess energy. Not to mention, right up the street from Laguna Beach is the famous Surf City, USA.

If surfing isn’t your child’s idea of a fun time or he or she wants to pursue different water sports, there is a water activity for every child. Try swimming, bodyboarding, kayaking, diving, or paddleboard lessons.

Take a Hike

Southern California is revered as a surf destination; however, there are several opportunities for hiking adventures inland. For example, Laguna Coast Wilderness Park contains more than forty miles of trails where visitors can hike, mountain bike, and ride horseback.

Enjoy more than hiking in the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. The Nix Nature Center offers exhibits and wildlife viewing area portals. In addition, children can participate in scavenger hunts and wildlife programs featuring live animals, American Indian customs, craft projects, and more.

Explore the Beach

It wouldn’t be a summer day without a trip to the beach! Coastal California is famous for its scenic beaches. Did you know that Laguna Beach is home to twenty-two public beaches? Even better, you don’t have to take a dip in the water to enjoy the beach. Build sandcastles, walk the beach, dig for seashells, toss a frisbee, and more.

Of its many beaches, Main Beach remains one of Laguna Beach’s top beach destinations. Children and adults alike have the opportunity to play volleyball and basketball. In addition, the beach has a grass park, boardwalk, kids’ play area and more.

It’s time for fun in the sun! Get outside and take advantage of these Laguna Beach activities for kids, and bring the whole family along for a summer to remember.