Specialty Programs


The use of Technology by students and teachers is a priority at McDowell School. We believe that technology is a tool for communication, critical thinking, problem solving, and academic learning. Not an end in itself, technology will be used by students to access information in the school, community, and globally, to support the achievement of academic learning. Technology has become an integral part of the world in which we live, and will be even more so in the world our students will inherit as adults.

Physical Education

McDowell’s Physical Education program is designed to educate and provide the tools for all students to live a healthy and active life. Through our program, the students will experience and develop self-confidence and a positive outlook towards physical education. Not only learning the fundamentals of healthy living, the program will bring out the best in each student.

Visual Art

The Visual Art program at McDowell School is dedicated to nurturing and developing each student’s individual creativity. They are introduced to a wide variety of techniques and media so that they can begin to exercise their own unique form of self expression. They also learn about many of the most influential artists and why their work is considered so important.

We believe that the more a person can experience the creative process the more apt they are to be able to appreciate it. When students know about different artists and styles it opens their eyes to possibilities for their own work, it is inspiring.

Spanish Immersion

McDowell’s Spanish Immersion program starts in our Preschool classroom and continues through 6th grade. We encourage our students to learn the language through exposure to different sounds and hearing the language-full immersion. Students will learn through song, games and verbal communications. We will start by building their vocabulary and gradually working into the grammatically correct components of the language. The students will also learn about the cultures and geographic regions, learn stories in Spanish, and allow them to use their verbal skills and writing practice.

Performing Arts

At McDowell School, our Performing Arts program takes place by exposing the students to different selections of music and musicians, movement, rhythm, melody, and harmony. This approach creates excitement about the music, promotes understanding and builds self-confidence. Our goal is for students to learn and appreciate music theory, history, proper voice techniques, and introduce musical instruments.

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